The Family Documentary Experience

The Documentary Family Experience



These sessions are EVERYTHING!

If you are looking for stand in a line, look at the camera, say cheese images. Move on out.

Your children need these memories to look back on. I PROMISE you will never regret this.

These sessions are all about connection, fun, calm, real, love and laughter. Its everything I am passionate about documenting and everything you will LOVE more and more as each year passes by. These images grow in value over time. All the little everyday moments will be your biggest memories. 

Don’t wait until you have lost ten pounds, until the time is right, until you have more children. Its all about the now. You cant get this time back again.

Session fee of £50, this is for my time planning, preparing, shooting and creating.

Following your session (around 2-4 weeks), you will be invited back to my studio for your very own reveal session! This is SO EXCITING! Also slightly nerve wracking for me as I present to you your final gallery and film.

What now………..CONTACT ME so we can talk about your family and where to document you best!