dougal photography, maternity photography, pregnancy photography, bump cast photography, maternity photo shoots
dougal photography, maternity photography, pregnancy photo shoot,

Maternity Shoots

Maternity sessions are SO IMPORTANT. 

£50 session fee for film and image creation

I am a huge believer that THIS IS THE MOST MAGICAL, AMAZING AND SPECIAL TIME OF A WOMANS LIFE. Document it! I know you may feel huge, but honestly you look amazing.

  • Where……. The forest, your home, my natural light studio, woodland, the beach, funfair, ANYWHERE. Pick somewhere special to you. Think about the colours.
  • What to wear…….. Now theres a question. Absolutely nothing, underwear,  beautiful gown (supplied by me), lounge wear, pjs, jeans and a vest with cardigan, anything you like really! As long as you are COMFORTABLE and it represents you.
  • When………How long is a piece of string? When you are in that stage where you still feel comfortable and mobile and have a good size bump! Usually between 32-36 weeks.
  • Who can come……… Husbands, partners, children, the family dog, grandparents to be! Involve whoever you wish. This can be as intimate and personal or as big as you like. Just let me know!
  • What now…….. Contact me and we can chat about you, what you like, where to shoot your gallery, what you will wear and who is coming! Text me, email me or use the form provided. Anything is fine 🙂

In the mean time……… Check out these maternity galleries