“Newborns are documented as naturally as possible, I love to capture their uniqueness, the curls, wrinkles and sneaky smiles! “

Newborn sessions 

£50 includes film and image creation at your home, location, or studio.

See my virtual welcome brochure below for prices and collections!

  • Where……….Newborn sessions can be done anywhere where they are safe and comfortable, ideally before they are two weeks old. Your home, my natural light studio, the forest, woodland, the park, local footpath, the beach even! Please note….outdoor sessions are only May – September and never in bad weather!
  • Why…….This is literally the most magical time. Whether they are your first, second, third, tenth!!! The new addition to your family and the extra wonder they bring needs documenting.
  • How…….. At my natural light studio for a more controlled, styled newborn session, I have everything we need for the images, If I am coming to your home I have portable kit, props, heater etc. Remember if I am coming to your home I am a natural light photographer so good light is needed, send me a picture of the best light in your home around 10am and 90% of the time it is beyond adequate! If we are going out on location, I also bring everything we need 🙂
  • What you need to bring with you……. At least 6 nappies! Todays baby got through 7 and was here for four hours….. Boobies or formula with bottles for up to 5 hours (plus travel time), Muslin clothes, a special teddy, blanket that granny knitted etc that you may like to be included, baby wipes, 2 x blankets (just incase we have an accident), Spare clothes for you all (babies tend to let loose when nude), Snacks, water, a book!
  • What now………. CONTACT ME! I need to get you booked in asap from 20 week scan as for newborns, we cant predict when they will arrive so I book of session slots around your due date.