The Pure Studio Experience

The Pure Studio Set


Every thing about these sessions I love. Completely unposed. Child/baby led through play and exploration!


Pure. Simple. Delicate. RAW


Maternity sessions are stunning here, go nude, semi nude, wear one of my gorgeous white gowns. Then we can finish with a relaxing milk bath. Your choice of decoration from eucalyptus leaves to flowers and orange slices. Think about the colours!


РFor newborns I will egg wrap with a white wrap and focus on their gorgeous little features and hopefully if they stay awake, expressions! 


Children can bring their favourite toys (or use my timeless studio wooden toys), try and choose white/plain outfits to fit with my set.


Families bear in mind this is a little space, even so, I can create magical images. Wear white tops, jeans, chinos, bare foot, white dresses.




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