Style Guide….

Fine Art Sessions   

Fine art sessions are all about impact. Choose a strong colour, unless we are shooting in an area with a strong colour……    

– Lavender fields, go whites are creams and let the purple do the talking    

– Woodland, POP YOUR COLOURS! Primes look incredible against the earthy browns and greens.     

– Blue bell woods – Blues, whites and creams    




Again. POP YOUR COLOURS! I love love earthy tones, strong rich reds, maroon reds, Cobalt blues, mustard yellows, forest greens. These colours all pop from the background and add life to your final gallery. You can even clash with each other. As long as the tones are similar, enjoy your colours!



White, simple, clean. We want the Pure sessions to have no distraction from your baby, child, family. Wear white tops and jeans/chinos, maxi dresses in whites and creams. For babies choose all in ones with their hands and feet showing for those detail shots. For newborns we will wrap! I love to add a pop of colour in the form of a flower head piece, baby rattle, bonnet. A recent newborn had a little fox hat! The orange looked sensational against the white.




Black (unless discussed for fine art), logos, strong distracting patterns, north face and super dry coats with big collars, NEON COLOURS (reflect on your skin making skin tones a big challenge). 




A colourful scarf…….we can have great fun with a scarf! Treats/bribes for the kids, spare change of clothes. Keepsake toys, scan photos.