The Studio

High Halden studio


Welcome to my studio! This is my happy space. I have calming music playing in the background, my own hand made wax melts burning and a beautiful amount of natural light.


I have my best wall art up on display for you to browse, along with albums and my other hand picked products. 


I do my Pure sessions here. With the gorgeous full length doors, there is a fantastic amount of natural light. I have chiffon curtains diffusing the light as much as I need. 



Your Viewing & Ordering Session


I will be inviting you back to my studio here for your gallery reveal! Its so exciting…..and all part of my fantastic experience.


A pot of tea will be brewing, music playing, a plate of biscuits/cake if you are very lucky….. (Isabelle is a bit of a biscuit thief).


View your film and imagery on the big screen, see first hand the beautiful wall arts, albums and products available. I do not believe in pressure sales, its not me at all! My work sells itself, all I do is create and present it to you. How you choose to take it home is completely up to you.  

I cant wait to show you! 

Hannah x